EXCLUSIVE! Trudie Styler opens up about her marriage to Sting and directing her first feature film

LAGoss.com interviewed the star at Outfest's closing night gala

EXCLUSIVE! Trudie Styler opens up about her marriage to Sting and directing her first feature film

Trudie Styler and husband Sting will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next month.

And the actress, producer and director shared her secrets to a happy marriage with LAGoss.com at the Outfest closing night gala on Sunday.

"I think honesty with each other, and laughing a lot," she told us. "We spend more days laughing now. We used to take things very, very seriously. Nowadays, life is much funnier."

Trudie also opened up about the famous couple's plans for their silver wedding anniversary in August.


"I have a big plan to be with my family, and most of all to spend the day with my husband in Italy. And maybe have a couple of fireworks and relive our wedding day 25 years later," she said.

Trudie was at Outfest for the premiere of Freak Show, based on the James St. James novel, which is her first feature film as a director.


The star initially joined the project as a producer, and then stepped in when the director had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts.

"I had a four week prep and a 22 day shoot to do the whole thing, so it was very quick. I'll never want to do it that quickly again, but I learned a lot," she shared.

Happy: Trudie Styler chatted to LAGoss.com about her marriage to Sting and directing the movie Freak Show | Apega/WENN.com

"It's a movie that examines very big themes of intolerance, of bulling. I hope that through the humour of this film - it doesn't preach to anyone - that we'll be able to build a forum and a platform for high schoolers to see the movie, to have talks and debate."

Trudie explained that the story, which follows a flamboyant teen who runs for homecoming queen at his conservative high school and also stars Laverne Cox and Bette Midler, is more relevant now than ever.

"My hope is that we'll get the word out, but ultimately my hope is that people can enjoy the freedom to be exactly who they are," she told us.

"I think that President Obama did a lot to help create a safer environment, which unfortunately I feel that the Trump administration is dialling back. So we as individuals and collectively have got a lot of work to do to put this issue firmly back on the table."

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